Transact with Ease!

Experience the new way of finance we believe savings should be made at ease from every credit when you’ve got your dedicated account number.

What you can do on Corpreneur.
  • Save

    Automate your savings as you earn, Choose a savings plan; periodic, target, or safelock while you earn competitive interest on your savings and you can run more than one savings plan at a time.

    You can also save on the go! Using our SAVE NOW feature

  • Invest

    You don't need a large chunk of money to be an investor, Invest in bits in highly secured businesses and watch your portfolio grow.

    Earn higher returns on fully insured low risk and pre-vetted investments.

  • Receive and transfer money

    Receive and send money through your dedicated account number to account holders of any bank in Nigeria.

  • Pay Bills

    Buy airtime and data conveniently from your wallet.

  • Cardless Withdrawals

    Worry less losing your debit card as we have made cardless withdrawal easy. Withdraw any desired amount directly from your wallet using withdrawals codes.

Making money can be difficult, Handling it shouldn’t be!

Good experience in transacting can make you want to do more! Controlling your finances from just an app makes it faster and seamless to be at the helm of your money affairs.
Dada Ayodele


Corpreneur has really helped me in achieving my target savings per month which was not possible with banks

-Dada Ayodele M


@ _t.i.m.ii

This is the best app I have ever saved with because they have disciplined me not to touch the money until the agreed date and i don’t have to start panicking when my birthday is around the corner

-Falebita Timilehin


@ hobgunnerz

Basically, Corpreneur has helped me cultivate more of my savings culture so as to reach my said target.

-Busari Hakeem Olajide



I can't access my funds no matter what but that's the best kind of discipline

-Ekwegh Nneoma Thelma